Plastic Services and Products to Acquire Former Genova Assets

May 11, 2020

Greater Paducah Economic Development is pleased to announce Plastic Services and Products, LLC will re-establish production in the former Genova Products building in Paducah, Kentucky.


“We have been diligently working alongside Plastic Services and Products since December while they acquired the Genova assets. We are thrilled for what this acquisition means to our community and the employees who were displaced last fall. These jobs are a tremendous blessing, especially considering all of the lay-offs and furloughs in the midst of this COVID 19 pandemic.” stated Bruce Wilcox, President of Greater Paducah Economic Development.


Plastic Services and Products will begin recruiting employees in the coming weeks with the anticipation of immediately hiring 80 employees to re-establish production and then hire up to 125 employees in the coming months. Plastic Services and Products is a leading manufacturer of plastic pipe, fittings, and vinyl fencing. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah with another location in Centralia, Washington, Plastic Services and Products serves wholesale and retail customers throughout the United States and Canada. The proximity of Paducah’s location provides a competitive logistical advantage and enables Plastic Services and Products establish a presence in the mid-west.


The building in which Plastic Services and Products will be operating is jointly owned by the City of Paducah and McCracken County. And, as an advanced industrial manufacturer, Plastic Services and Products will be a large consumer of electricity. “Being a community owned utility, these jobs are very important to us. We are glad to participate with our partners by providing Plastic Services and Products our Economic Development Rate”, stated Dave Carroll, General Manager of Paducah Power System.


McCracken County Judge Executive Craig Clymer refers to these new jobs as “a strong win at a difficult time. Our partners at GPED have transformed an economic loss from a business shutdown into a gain in the form of a new and vibrant business; and in the middle of a pandemic.”


Paducah City Mayor Brandi Harless stated “This is a blessing to our community. I am excited to welcome Plastic Services and Products to Paducah. This will be a bright light during uncertain times for our community.”


“This is a great community team win. GPED, the City, County, Paducah Power, and other community partners came together and worked exceptionally well together with Plastic Services and Products. We are all eager to continue working with them and look forward to seeing them prosper in our community.” stated Wilcox.


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