Business Retention and Expansion

Sweet success? That’s one way to describe the growth and expansion of Paducah-based Dippin’ Dots. But that label might be entirely too conventional for this unconventional ice cream product, a novel beaded ice cream treat that has enticed and delighted consumers across the nation and around the globe, resulting in an annual $300 million in retail sales. Recently, the company made another unconventional business decision, to share its proprietary cryogenic technology with producers in the plant-based meat sector—a move that is yielding an additional $100 million annual sales with a net profit of $30 million.

While the transition required foresight and creativity on the part of the company, it also demanded dedicated and deft support in the myriad details involved in implementing the $3.3 million, 6,000-sq.-ft. expansion. Assisting with facilities, local and state government, utilities and more, GPED dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” to assure the project’s success.

"We appreciate  all the support and assistance GPED provided to us as we expanded our Cryogenics business.  GPED assisted us in gaining economic incentives to help support our expansion and diversify our portfolio into other markets. GPED is a great resource  not just for expanding business, but also for managing  through a changing economic environment."  

Stan Jones, President and CEO, Dippin' Dots 

Rapid Response. Custom and Continuous Support.

In today’s dynamic global market, GPED recognizes that for Dippin’ Dots or for any other organization, there is no conventional template for growth. Every company is unique, facing singular challenges and opportunities that demand a nimble response by the company and especially by the supporting community. To that end, the experienced staff at GPED communicates and works closely and continuously with local business and industry to help identify and address market challenges and to capitalize on emerging opportunity. Using a team approach that includes the City of Paducah’s Business Development Specialist, GPED is equipped and energized to provide customized assistance.

A location in Paducah means your operation is plugged into 24/7 support as we work at global speed in locating and helping to procure all the financial, physical and human resources you need—tapping into lucrative Kentucky financial incentives, opening construction opportunities, streamlining permits, recruiting additional workforce and more.

In other words, while Paducah-McCracken County woos and welcomes new industry, our sweet deals for new business are the real deal over the long haul: GPED is a dedicated partner, day in, day out, year after year, ensuring that your business continues to flourish. And that’s real power for your operation.


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