Board of Directors

GPED Board of Directors position is a working board position. Candidates are chosen based upon their unique gifts and abilities and their capacity to appropriately apply those gifts and abilities for the organization and, therefore, our community. Members are not “overseers”. It is a position of servant leadership and the effectiveness of the board is dependent on the individual commitments of each member to appropriately give of their time, talents, intellect, and experience. Multiyear terms are designed to leverage the learning curve of serving on the board and to provide organizational knowledge continuity. All board members are expected to:

  • Remain an investor in good standing
  • Prepare for, attend, and actively participate in monthly board meetings
  • Be visionary while holding the organization accountable to our mission
  • Be an ambassador for the organization and the community in professional, governmental, and social settings
  • Chair and/or serve on committees as required

Time commitment varies from 3-5 hours per month up to more intense commitments as location opportunities present.

J. P. Kelly
Triangle Enterprises

Kevin McEwan
Paducah & Louisville Railway

Chris Black
Ray Black & Son

Leon Owens
Swift & Staley, Inc.

Glen Anderson
Immediate Past Chair
Paducah Water, Retired/GPED

George Bray
City of Paducah

Cory Hicks
Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership

Michael Yungmann
Mercy Health-Lourdes Hospital

Greg Grissom
Vice Chair
Jackson Purchase Energy

Craig Clymer
Judge Executive
McCracken County

Maegan Mansfield
BFW Engineering

Bruce Wilcox
President & CEO-GPED


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