HHO Carbon Clean Systems to Locate Manufacturing Operation in Paducah-McCracken County

June 30, 2022

Greater Paducah Economic Development is pleased to announce HHO Carbon Clean Systems will be investing $6.65 million in a new facility and equipment providing hydrogen based mobile carbon cleaning systems for diesel fuel combustion engines and production of hydrogen-based torches. The mobile carbon cleaning systems improve fuel efficiency by an average of 9% and result in approximately $3,000 per year in filter savings. The patent-pending hydrogen fueled torch provides superior results compared to acetylene torches and eliminates greenhouse gases while also reducing safety concerns from storing dangerous gases in heavy steel containers. 35 new full-time jobs with an average rate of pay of $25 per hour plus benefits will be created.

Founder Jared English says about this newest phase of the Company’s growth, “We see ourselves as the leading on-demand hydrogen solutions company in the country, not only tackling the challenges of automotive maintenance and repair, but also offering effective solutions where fuel costs have simply become untenable. HHO’s products and services offer increased fuel mileage, cost savings on replacement and repair, decreased emissions, and safe alternatives to compressed combustibles. We are excited to continue our growth while offering opportunities to Western Kentucky.”

“I want to welcome HHO Carbon Clean Systems to the commonwealth as this young but rapidly growing company creates dozens of new jobs for residents in Paducah and the surrounding region,” Gov. Andy Beshear said. “This is an innovative company focused on sustainable practices, and its leaders clearly have a great vision for the future. I can’t wait to see HHO succeed in Kentucky.”
McCracken County Judge Executive Craig Clymer noted “HHO is bringing our community an innovative “green”, environmentally friendly business that is consistent with other investments in our community, whether currently present or arriving soon. It will be great asset for us.”

The Company is experiencing extensive growth. Co-owner Dean Owen states “We are utilizing hydrogen to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance cost by material amounts. I see firsthand how consumers are struggling with increased fuel costs and the strain it makes on their budget. Utilizing the State of Kentucky’s KBI Program, we are creating good paying jobs and revolutionizing an industry using green technology that helps eliminate greenhouse gases, and many other EPA and OSHA concerns. A lot of people talk about using green technology, in Western Kentucky, we are doing so. “

Mayor George Bray stated, “I am elated HHO Carbon Clean Systems has chosen Paducah/McCracken County in which to grow their business. The innovation and ingenuity of the HHO founders coupled with the strong work ethic of our work force, is a true formula for success. Our community will provide the platform for their company’s growth and the City of Paducah is truly excited to have them here.”

Bruce Wilcox, President of Greater Paducah Economic Development, added “Environmental sustainability, managing energy costs, and speed to market are key drivers for today’s consumers. HHO Carbon Clean Systems’ decision to locate in our community “checks all of those boxes”. It’s a win not only for the Company, but also for our community, HHO’s customers, and our environment.”


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