BFW | Marcum Announces Plans to Move to Commerce Park

August 22, 2023

BFW Engineering and Testing, Inc. and Marcum Engineering, LLC, in collaboration with Greater Paducah Economic Development, McCracken County, and the City of Paducah are pleased to announce the location of their new headquarters located at 2301 McCracken Boulevard in Commerce Park in Paducah, KY.  BFW|Marcum started in Paducah, KY and has maintained a strong commitment to the Paducah area with a culture of leadership and innovation where solutions are community driven with a people centered approach.  BFW Engineering has been operating in Paducah, KY for twenty-seven years and currently has eleven office locations throughout Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, and Indiana.  Marcum Engineering has been operating in Paducah, KY for fifty years and has office locations in Kentucky and Illinois.  The new facility will enable BFW|Marcum to add professional staff and services to their more than one hundred and fifty existing highly skilled personnel.  Ninety of those employees are currently located in Paducah, KY. 

BFW|Marcum acquired the existing facility located in Commerce Park jointly owned by McCracken County, the City of Paducah, and Greater Paducah Economic Development.  Renovations to the existing facility are anticipated to begin in the Fall of 2023 creating 34 jobs during the construction period with an expected $4.5 million impact on the local economy during the construction period alone. In addition to the existing recurring annual economic impact of approximately $11.8 million BFW|Marcum currently has on the local economy, the anticipated growth from adding approximately eighty additional staff and services to the larger renovated facility is expected to add as much as an additional $9.9 million recurring annual economic impact to the local economy.

“Being in Paducah is important to us. We had multiple options as we considered our approach to addressing the successful growth that we’ve experienced over the last five years and positioning us to accommodate future growth. Ultimately, we wanted our headquarters to continue to be in Paducah, as it is the community that got us started and it is an important component of our future. We want to thank the elected officials and citizens of McCracken County and the City of Paducah for allowing us the opportunity to expand our headquarters in the great place we call home. We also want to thank Greater Paducah Economic Development for the coordination of this transaction.  As we build on our legacy, we lead with community in mind. We are always thinking about tomorrow, while growing our presence in Paducah and beyond, all made possible through the people who make us who we are,” said Mark Workman, Executive Vice President.

City of Paducah Mayor George Bray and McCracken County Judge Executive Craig Clymer jointly released the following statement: “The City and County are very pleased by the acquisition of the previous Teletech building in the Commerce Park by BFW|Marcum. They are rapidly growing Paducah based engineering firms with significant professional job opportunities. Previously utilized as a call center, the building has recently sat empty. To have a successful long term local company in one of our prime industrial locations is a win for the entire community.”

Bruce Wilcox, President of Greater Paducah Economic Development, added “BFW|Marcum are great community partners and exemplify the type of jobs and culture we want for families in our community.  I admire who they are, the culture they have created, and what they have been able to accomplish.  We have been honored to facilitate this project and look forward to even greater things to come from the BFW|Marcum team.”




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