Kathryn Byers is a Financial Representative with Northwestern Mutual.

1. What is your job title and a little about what you do?

I am a financial representative with Northwestern Mutual here in Paducah. I work with clients to build their financial futures. That includes identifying their goals, creating a personalized plans to fit their specific needs, implementing that through risk management, risk analysis and reviewing those to keep them in check as life makes twists and turns.

2. How does your job give back to the community of Paducah?

I feel a sense of purpose with what I am providing the community through Northwestern Mutual. Financial security is one of the key stones of happiness, and the services that I’m able to offer give people that feeling of security. Whether that is through advisement on debt consolidation or joint work with other veteran advisors on wealth management. I have also done quite a bit of work with business owners here in the community.

3. How has Paducah helped you be successful?

There is an incredible sense of community here in Paducah. People are proud to be from Paducah, and they’re eager to tell you all about it. I’ve had numerous cups of coffee, glasses of wine, with fellow successful business professionals who have flourishing ideas. I’ve noticed that success drives success and that starts with spending time with others who strive for success in their own careers.

4. Are you a part of other organizations and aspects in the community?

Yes. I am on the Board for Family Service Society as well as the Paducah Art House Alliance.

5. How has PYP helped you as a young professional?

Paducah Young Professionals was the first organization that I was a part of when I moved home from college. My then boss, Darlene Mazzone, pushed me to be active in this organization. I am forever grateful for that. This organization has brought phenomenal business professionals to my own social circle. Many of the same people who started in PYP with me are still there today, driving success and helping others to do the same.

6. What are some of your favorite things to do in Paducah?

I could go on and on about this! Like many others, I love grabbing a cocktail at the 1857 hotel, a beer at Dry Ground or any one of the wonderful dishes Sara Bradley cooks up at the Freight House. To be honest, one of my favorite things is serving on the Boards and bettering the community that I hold so close to my heart. I started my career as the Marketing Manager for Paducah Life Magazine. Celebrating the successes of my community and helping to be a part of those successes is what keeps my passionate about Paducah. 

7. What advice do you have for a young professional wanting to thrive in Paducah?

Push yourself to keep involved in as much as you can! There is a plethora of people in this community that are constantly striving to better Paducah. I encourage you to be a part of that movement. Celebrating Paducah is one of the best things that you can do. That starts with being active in organizations like Paducah Young Professionals.