Holly Jones is an Associate at Denton Law Firm.

1. What brought you to Paducah?

“My fiancé is from here. We met in law school in Carbondale, IL. My hometown in Southeast, Missouri is tiny so Paducah feels big compared to it which I love!”

2. What do you like the most about living in Paducah?

“There is a lot to do! I love to go to dinner at the Italian Grill and explore the city. I’m still new to Paducah, so there is always something to see and somewhere to visit that I haven’t been before. We just bought a house within walking distance to the Coke Plant which is ideal for walking to the businesses located there.”

3. How do you like to spend your weekends in Paducah?

“Right now we are fixing up our house so that keeps me busy, but I love going to the lake to hike and camp or venture along the Greenway Trail. I’m still exploring the town, too. I love to be a tourist here.”

4. What groups and organizations are you involved with?

“I’m a part of Charity League, Leadership Paducah and Paducah Young Professionals. I didn’t know anyone here besides my fiancé when I moved to Paducah, and the organizations I am a part of have helped me not only make connections, but friends.”