Greg Martzolf is the new General Manager and Chief Operating Officer at Country Club of Paducah. He recently moved to Paducah from South Florida and is a native of New Orleans. When asked about Paducah, he said “I had never heard of Paducah before coming here, but here is the interesting part— everybody I told about my move to Paducah said they had a story about Paducah and a connection there. There was one thing that was in every story— they all said ‘Wait until you meet the people,’ and it’s true!’” We asked Greg what he thought was the most intriguing aspect about Paducah was and he said, “The Country Club of Paducah. It is as good as it gets from a golf perspective with its great layout and golf facility. It’s a true traditional country club.” Greg admits that while South Florida is wonderful, he has never met as genuine people as he has met in Paducah. “Chad Martin is our PGA Professional here and is from South Carolina and got the same questions I did before moving to Paducah. We met at the PGA show in Orlando earlier this year for lunch and I said, ‘I just have one question for you. Are these people really as nice and genuine as they seem? His reply? ‘It only gets better.‘ Everyone has been very accommodating and if that is the way it truly is, I’m all in!” The next time you are at the Country Club of Paducah, stop by and give Greg a warm welcome!