Dr. Bobby Learch completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Kentucky. He practices primary care at Baptist Health Paducah and provides general outpatient medical care to anyone 18 years and older.

2.   What inspired you to become a doctor?

I have wanted to be a physician since I was a child.  No one in my family was in the medical profession, but I had a strong desire to help people in need.  My primary motivation is providing respectful and compassionate care to everyone that enters our office.  My goal is to guide my patients toward wellness by guiding them through sickness and health while providing care that is up-to-date with medical research.

3.   What is your favorite part about your job?

My patients! I enjoy coming to work every day. My favorite part about my day is spending time with each of my patients. I enjoy hearing about their lives and what is important to them. My goal in healthcare is to help maximize quality of life and to help each individual achieve wellness in order to enjoy our precious gift of life.

4.   Do you have a favorite story about helping a patient that comes to mind?

My favorite experiences when I help patients understand their disease so that they can live with a better quality and enjoyment of life. It makes my day better to see patients leave my office more positive than when they came in. No matter the diagnosis or situation, I hope they receive compassionate care from a humble staff in my office. That is why I practice medicine and my genuine hope for every patient.

5.   How do you see the medical community helping Paducah and its residents?

Paducah possesses remarkable resources for multidisciplinary care for a city its size and people in Paducah have many advanced options that allow them to stay close to home and receive the very best care available. I am honored to be a part of the unified mission and vision of Baptist Health Paducah. More importantly, I am happy to be a friend and neighbor to better our city and region.