1. How did Piper’s get started?

With Amber and I having traveled across the globe, we’ve seen many tea and coffee plantations, as well as experienced beautiful coffee shops! The interest in tea grew. At one point I was regularly selling tea out of the back of a van. When the opportunity to purchase real estate in the Coke Plant arose I knew it was the perfect location for the shop. With the Midtown area growing, it has been an exciting journey to serve our customers with a quality experience that has never been offered in Paducah.

2. What do you feel is the most important thing about Pipers?

When Piper’s opened it was the first coffee shop of its kind in Paducah. We wanted to take that opportunity to give the community a space for ideas and friendships to grow as in traditional times. In Japanese tea houses, there are very strict rules about entering the space. With a small doorway only 3 feet tall or so, the warriors would have to take off their shoes and swords to enter. This kind of reverence was monumental to preserve the ambiance of the conversation and that is something that I would like to translate into Piper’s. We take our craft very seriously and the quality of it is something that we will always work to uphold within our atmosphere.

3. How has the community helped Piper’s be successful?

Our practice consists of meticulous consistency and artisanal quality coffee that we pride ourselves on. We will always do things that way started doing them in the beginning, and we appreciate our customer’s patience and appreciation for the quality of their beverages. We have regulars who have helped cultivate not only Piper’s but the Midtown area into something more urbanized than just a few years ago.Their patronage shows that Paducah appreciates the high standards we have set.  As this area progresses we are excited to see the development of local businesses like our own.

4. What’s your favorite thing to do in Paducah?

My favorite thing to do in Paducah is definitely getting to spend time with my wife Amber and the girls. (Daughters Millie and Emmy Rose)

5. What advice do you have for people trying to start a business in Paducah?

Find a need. Find your passion. If these two things align themselves, find a location.

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