City of Paducah Instagram, #partakeinpaducah

Curated By: Kerri Bonner

How did the City of Paducah Instagram account get started?

About two and a half years ago when I moved to Paducah I was using my person Instagram account to capture and share different things I was experiencing around the city. We had been moving around for the last 10 years. As a military wife I have friends from all over the place and from back home and I wanted to share what I was capturing. The account came about simply when I realized that we didn’t have one, and the title is the subject matter. It sounded good, we can document what people are doing from all walks of lives whether they’re hunting or enjoying some type of festival.

What do you feel is the most special thing to note about the City of Paducah Instagram account?

The account belongs to the collaborative efforts of the participants. The guest takeovers allow the city to be featured from unique and unexpected perspectives. Teens, even middle schoolers who have completely original favorite images to capture and share. It’s neat to see, ya know, a middle schooler’s locker! I kind of steer it, but I keep my face off of it so it can truly be representative local people.

How has the community helped?

A few individuals have reached out about contributing to the page. This helps keep the profile fresh and creative because I would never even think to go to the places they go to! The #PartakeinPaducah hashtag has also been a huge success. It links all of Paducah’s images and some of those are shared on the page as well! 

There have been all kinds of people featured on the take-overs. There was a girl who was heavily involved with drama and the Teen Scene and Maiden Alley. Another guy was very interested in architecture and featured a lot of that. And then Seth Beyers, who had access to a drone was able to capture some images overhead of the city. 

What is your favorite thing to do in Paducah?

I really love BBQ! So festivals like the Lower Town Arts and Music Festival where there are a lot of vendors are really appealing to me. There have been a few experiences exploring Paducah that were particularly special to me. When I toured the Dippin Dots Factory I was shocked to find that the freezer was kept at -40 degrees. They have to keep the temperature so low to maintain the spherical shape of the ice-cream. And they are very strict about maintaining safety for people entering the freezer area! It was all very interesting.

There was also a time when I was able to appear on WPSD Local 6. They set me up in just the right spot for the camera viewing screen. They knew exactly what the the dimensions were for the frame so that was an eye-opening experience to see how the show was so meticulously ran!