PADUCAH, KY. — EntrePaducah, a program founded to provide services and help entrepreneurs launch businesses, sponsored Monica Bilak to visit programs and networking events for entrepreneur and startup groups in markets with substantial growth as part of the EntrePaducah relaunch in partnership with Sprocket, Inc. She brought back new ideas to help grow startups and small businesses in Greater Paducah. 

“We sent Monica to review some of the best entrepreneur ecosystems in the South. We will construct a plan based on her research to create more business development and entrepreneurial programming for Greater Paducah. Paducah Economic Development has a great relationship with Murray State University, Sprocket and the private sector that benefit entrepreneurs and startups in Paducah and we plan to continue to grow those relationships to grow the entrepreneur ecosystem in our community,” said Scott Darnell, CEO and President of Paducah Economic Development. 

Bilak visited several entrepreneur events in Chattanooga, TN, Knoxville, TN, Asheville, NC, and Winston-Salem, NC to learn about the programming offered and scope out the best options for Greater Paducah. For the past several months, Bilak has been connecting with nearby communities including Evansville, IN to learn from the experience and successes of programs like Start Up Weekend, a fast-paced and lean approach to creating new businesses. 

One of the most impressive programs Bilak visited was Launch Chattanooga. The program has a unique workspace and rigid educations program and has produced more than 572 successful start-up and entrepreneur graduated from the program since 1998, a 94% success rate.

“Every thriving marketing I visited had a consistent event that helped bring entrepreneurs together in a casual fashion. This visible and accessible programming connects entrepreneurs with the resources and people they need to be successful. At Sprocket, we are finding that makers are very entrepreneurial minded and we to help them develop their business ideas with new programming and resources,” said Monica Bilak.

About Paducah Economic Development 

Paducah Economic Development is the economic development agency for Paducah and McCracken County, Ky. It is a public/private partnership formed to attract and grow jobs and investment through assisting existing business with expansion projects and recruiting new businesses.