Strawberry Hills Pharmacy is a locally owned pharmacy that specializes in compounding prescriptions. It has been in business since January of 2011. Owner and founder, Daniel Jones of Mayfield, KY saw the need for a pharmacy on the west side of Paducah and Strawberry Hills was established.

We recently got to talk with Daniel about Strawberry Hills Pharmacy and his experience as an entrepreneur.

1. How did Strawberry Hills Pharmacy get started?

We noticed that there was a need on the westside of town for a pharmacy and we had the desire to meet that need. After some planning, we opened our doors in January of 2011. We now have expanded and work with people from all portions of Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois.

2. What do you do that sets you apart?

We genuinely love people and it’s displayed from the moment you enter our doors. We want to show honesty, compassion, and love to everyone who comes to see us. We are a local business which sets us apart from the chain pharmacies. We are always here to greet our customers with a smile. We care about what’s best for the community and not just about making a buck.

3. How has the community helped your business?

The community and surrounding area has embraced us. They have come and patronized our business and helped us grow to what it is today.

4. Besides Strawberry Hills Pharmacy, what is your favorite thing to do in Paducah?

It’s hard to pick just one thing. Our family loves downtown after dinner on Saturday nights. We love walking around and meeting people. We also enjoy going to the country club and building relationships with people in the area. Paducah is a great place to live and raise a family.

5. Is there anything else you would like to tell an entrepreneur starting a business in Paducah?

Go for it! It’s definitely worth the time and effort. If you have the right passion and you have the desire to go to work every day you will succeed.