Midtown Market is the Paducah area’s gourmet grocery store. Offering organic foods, gluten free items, and a unique assortment of flavors, Midtown Market is the only grocery store in this area that offers these unique items at such easy access. Located on Broadway in the Midtown area of Paducah, Midtown Market is the local business to go to for your clean eating needs. We recently got to talk with Andy Carloss, owner and founder of Midtown Market. This is what he had to say.

1. How did Midtown Market get started?

I grew up in Paducah and always enjoyed gardening and eating the fresh food my garden produced. I eventually moved away to Boston for a period of time and enjoyed shopping at various markets similar to the one we have now in Midtown. I would make notes of the things I enjoyed at each place and before too long I had my dream store in mind. As I would travel back to Paducah for holidays, I noticed Paducah didn’t have a store like anything I had been enjoying in Boston. I knew this style of market was a unique niche and thought the Paducah community would enjoy having a market of this style. I decided to move back home and make my dream a reality. In 2012, Midtown Market was established and we have been here ever since. We offer personalized service and locally sourced products in one central location for the people of Paducah.

2. What do you do that sets you apart?

We are a different breed of grocery store. We aren’t meant to replace the “big box” stores like Walmart and Kroger. We are different because of our product. We like to source local products when possible and we enjoy offering a higher quality product. We love dealing with “mom and pop” businesses who we can create personal relationships with. We want to make personal phone calls to our suppliers and have a personal handshake to seal the deal rather than signing big corporate contracts.

3. How has the community helped your business?

Everyone has been very supportive. A lot of my customers fall in love with our products and will tell their friends that they gotta go to midtown and try it out. We started out as a fresh produce store and have grown bigger than anything I originally imagined we would be. I believe it’s only possible because of the community support we have received.

4. What is your favorite thing to do in Paducah?

I am a big outdoors guy. Although that hobby has been limited since I’ve opened, I love what this area has to offer. When I was younger, I had always had the vision to go to a bigger city and to travel a lot and never intended to come back to Paducah. After I was gone for a while I begin to miss all that Paducah had to offer. I was itching to come back and was looking for a reason to get back in this area. I took for granted Paducah and it’s unique ability to offer friendly business and good customer service. It wasn’t until I moved away and realized how much I missed being about to zip from point A to point B quickly that I realized I wanted to come back. I love that people support each other’s businesses here and that everyone knows each other’s name.

5. Is there anything else you would like to tell an entrepreneur starting a business in Paducah?

You gotta have a passion and a fire in your belly that keeps you going. For me, that fire in my belly turned into a fear of not doing something than a fear of failing. I was never worried about failing. I was more worried about waking up when I’m 50 years old and wishing I had opened up a store. That same passion is what will drive you on the bad days. You hire people that share that passion and who want to make a difference. Also, be prepared, have a good business plan. It’s easier to change things on paper before you get started then after you get going. It doesn’t matter how your idea gets started, just make sure you give your business plan a lot of thought before putting it into action.