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Paducah serves as a regional hub of the Heartland region, which has given rise to a thriving retail, hospitality and entertainment culture.

entertainment paducah economic development


Paducah’s unique shopping experience draws almost double the retail dollars per capita than the second highest city in Kentucky.  From a large one-stop shopping center, Kentucky Oaks Mall, which features anchor stores such as Dilliard’s, JC Penny and Dick’s Sporting Goods to our award-winning downtown shopping district that features eclectic, local fare, shoppers are sure to find what they need (and more) in Paducah.


Paducah’s eclectic downtown is rich with opportunities for people young and not-so-young to unwind and enjoy themselves.  Local breweries and hotspots regularly feature live music within walking distance from theaters (Maiden Alley Cinema and the Market House Theater) and a premier concert and show venue (The Carson Center).  Local artists and local restaurateurs align interests to form a synergy that reaches theiraudiences through both the mind and the stomach.  For all of this, people will travel miles just to experience what Paducah has to offer.

retail paducah economic development

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