Why should a business consider Kentucky Avenue?

“The exposure of Kentucky Avenue! It’s a great reason for a business to choose to relocate here. The high visibility and traffic count is necessary for many types of businesses. However, it is still a great location for businesses that do not depend on high exposure to drive business.

What are some perks of Kentucky Avenue?

“It has many perks including four lanes of two-way traffic, is a major corridor that connects downtown to Midtown and has sidewalks for foot traffic and tourist stops.”

What types of businesses are best suited for Kentucky Avenue?

“It is suited to host a variety of businesses. Currently, Kentucky Avenue hosts a light manufacturer, heavy industry, automotive, and retail businesses. It also has a hospital, hotel and a restaurant. Therefore, the zoning is diverse and creates many possibilities for businesses that would be interested in locating downtown.”

How is Kentucky Avenue different from Broadway?

The greatest difference between Kentucky Avenue and Broadway is the wide zoning usage of Kentucky Avenue. It is unique to that avenue and Broadway currently cannot offer the variety of usage that Kentucky Avenue offers. Kentucky Avenue also has an advantage with parking lots and price point.

Many of the businesses on Kentucky Avenue have access to a parking lot which is an advantage over Broadway. There are municipal parking lots that line the street all the way to 5th Street. This has to do with zoning usage rules and regulations. The zoning laws have standards that determine the amount of parking lot spaces available, such as occupancy count. This is especially true if a business owner has to renovate the structure and go through a ‘change of use’ renovation. All applicable codes and regulations would have to be met to receive occupancy from the City of Paducah Inspection Department.

Another advantage is price point on Kentucky Avenue. The price per square foot is less expensive than Broadway. Since brick and mortar costs are a big part of a business’s operating costs, this could help new businesses minimize those associated costs and have a better chance of developing into a thriving business.

What are the pros and cons of Kentucky Avenue?

Pros include the number of empty buildings ready to be renovated into a new business, exposure of the avenue, high visibility for traffic count, four lanes of two-way traffic, sidewalks, parking space, and the fact that the avenue is a major corridor that connects downtown to Midtown.

Cons include the amount of abandoned and empty buildings that create an eye-sore for the avenue. Public awareness is limited to Kentucky Avenue as well. It has not gone through revitalization like Broadway and Lowertown, and therefore is not as relevant to many people. In the end, I believe this is a positive aspect of Kentucky Avenue. It offers an opportunity for businesses to move onto the street and create a new energy to encourage consumers to visit Kentucky Avenue.

Overall, I believe Kentucky Avenue should be the next area to focus on in Paducah because of its unique characteristics and prime location. A rebirth for Kentucky Avenue would utilize the surrounding residential neighborhoods and the effects would lead to a 10-year margin of improvement.



Kathleen Gillespie is a commercial and residential Realtor™ for Falconite Development and a member of both the National Association of Realtors and Paducah Board of Realtors. Growing up, real estate and development was part of everyday conversation in her family. She always knew she would end up with a career in real estate but just had no idea how much she would enjoy it.

“When I look at a building I get so excited by its architectural aspects and infrastructure. If the building is vacant, I think of ways to bring it back to life. I think of potential income streams for the owner or developer and how the project can benefit individuals and business owners needing a place to grow when I show any piece of real estate.”