You may recognize ZebraGraphics by their iconic black and white boxes floating around offices in Paducah. ZebraGraphics president, Stephen Hagan, came up with the idea for his unique boxes as he tried to develop a name for his business. He noticed how people in offices surrounded themselves with printing materials and a name was born for with his new company in 1997.

For the past decade, Stephen has resided in the same office space on Kentucky Avenue. with the exception for the first few months of his business. But that location was also on Kentucky Avenue. He employs 13 people and specializes in online marketing, printing and promotion for clients in Paducah and across the US.

“Kentucky Avenue is a great location during the day. I get some drive-by traffic and it is easily accessible to my clients since it is located between downtown, Lone Oak and the mall area,” says Stephen Hagan.

Stephen would like to see Kentucky Avenue accumulate more businesses including a restaurant to grab a sandwich or quick lunch during the day for his employees and the other office buildings that reside on Kentucky Avenue. He also believes Kentucky Avenue would be ideal for law office because of its close proximity to the courthouse and other office buildings.

“It makes sense that Kentucky Avenue should be the main route because of the two-way traffic and easy accessibility. I look forward to watching it grow in the years to come.”