Since 1998, Matthew Gleue has placed window film on auto, commercial, and residential glass along Kentucky Avenue. Matthew is originally from Topeka, Kansas but relocated to Paducah, his wife’s hometown, about 20 years ago. Since then, he calls Paducah home.

“People were friendly here and I decided to settle in and have been here ever since,” says Matthew.

He turned window tinting into a career after accidentally picking up on the trade as a teenager.

“I was so broke as a teenager that I couldn’t afford to pay anybody to tint my windows on my car, so I decided to tint it myself. It looked terrible on my first try, but through the years I played around with cars and learned to properly place the film on glass.”

Since then, Matthew has perfected the art of window tinting.

His shop is located alongside Kentucky Avenue next to ZebraGraphics, another long-term resident of the area. Matthew originally came across his building years ago when he used to live and do a lot of business in the area. When the building became available, he moved into it and it has been a great location for his business. He pinpointed a few reasons why Kentucky Avenue was a great fit for his business including the amount of drive-by traffic and the fact that his business is surrounded by other businesses.

“A lot of Paducah businesses are moving to the west side of town. But I decided I wanted to stay here and support the growth of this area in Paducah,” says Matthew.