The Lightning Group Screen Printing is one of Kentucky Avenue’s newest creative tenants. Paducah natives, Jimmy and Tena Jones, officially opened their screen-printing storefront December 2017.

Jimmy always loved art as a kid, but didn’t think much of it and never dreamed it would become a career. He is self-taught and learned his trade by creating posters for friends. “It grew from there,” says Jimmy. “It started as a poster business, then snowballed and led us to the printing business.”

The Lightning Group Screen Printing creates products from screen printing, paper printing, etching and vinyl for a wide variety of industries and clientele and originated in Jimmy and Tena’s home. “Business kept growing and we decided it was time to do something different and find a business space,” says Jimmy.

Jimmy chose Kentucky Avenue for a variety of reasons. “It just worked out. It fit what we needed and was at the price point I wanted. Originally, we weren’t going to get a storefront since most of our business is online and comes from Nashville. But when we saw this building we kicked the idea around and decided it was a good fit,” says Jimmy.

Kentucky Avenue seemed like a natural fit for The Lightning Group Screen Printing.

“For starters, everybody knows where it is,” says Jimmy.

Jimmy named other perks of Kentucky Avenue including the traffic flow of the two-way street, a hospital, other businesses surrounding his, and how convenient it is for his customers to find.

As he looks towards the future of his business, Jimmy hopes his relocation will help him reach his business goals and turn his side-business into his full-time career. Furthermore, he hopes he creates a business that can easily be handed over to his two daughters to create their own careers in screen printing.