GPED Announces New Mission-Driven Board Structure

The Greater Paducah Economic Development (GPED) board has worked diligently to refine its mission and restructured to support that focus.  Economic development doesn’t happen in a silo and although our organization plays a major role in growing our region, we are part of a collaborative regional effort to make Western Kentucky a more attractive place to do business. The collective responsibilities of each partner are vital to the success of Paducah-McCracken County and the region and we all have a role. Our role and mission are simple. GPED exists to proactively recruit and support companies that provide high-quality, high-paying jobs to our community. To better accomplish this mission and serve our city, county, and region, we have restructured our organization to be more nimble and execute the necessary functions to win more jobs.


Today, the organization voted to reconfigure the current board and transition to a mission driven structure. This new structure includes an effective 10 person Working Board consisting of business leaders, influencers and public representatives, (see full slate at and an Investor Council which will provide future board members and input into the future direction of our organization.


To provide a smooth transition for the incoming CEO, Glen Anderson, our current interim CEO, has agreed to serve as Board Chairman of this Transition Board. His leadership has been vital throughout this process and his presence will be key in continuing our work with the State to bring jobs here for the people of Western Kentucky.


Mardie Herndon, Past Board Chairman, added, “Today was an important day for our organization. During the past few months, our board, community partners, and interim CEO, Glen Anderson, have worked to simplify the organizational structure, accelerate job creation and proactively communicate with our investors. As our board executed this realignment over the past few months, we recognized the impact Glen Anderson had on our organization, key partnerships, and investors. In recognition of his outstanding leadership, I am pleased Glen Anderson will step into the role of Board Chairman. This will not only provide continuity as the organization continues to work current projects but also maintain key communication points with site selectors, the Kentucky Cabinet of Economic Development and local companies.”


The current board and investors will remain connected as part of the Investor Council for GPED and the Annual Meeting is planned for June. Many will also serve on committees focused on core functions of economic development. Running parallel to the completion of this restructuring of our organization, the CEO Search Committee is on track to also make its selection for the incoming CEO by the annual meeting as well. These collective steps will position the organization for success as we enter our new fiscal year and establish a firm foundation for years to come.


Glen Anderson, Interim CEO, stated, “It’s exciting to see GPED refining its role and I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve Greater Paducah and the region. We are, without a doubt, better positioned for local and regional collaboration and partnerships for success and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with other leaders to shape a better future for Western Kentucky.”


These bold moves have better positioned GPED and our region for success. We anticipate big wins yielded from these actions as we continue to gain momentum.  As board members, investors, business leaders, public servants, regional partners, and engaged citizens, we thank you for your continued support of GPED and we look forward to continuing to partner with you all for the success of our region.