Entrepreneur Spotlight: Emily Smith & Bluegrass Event Planning

Tell us a little about your business. 

Bluegrass Event Planning is all about convenience for any special event. We offer event planning and coordination, a wide range of event rentals and décor, and also floral design! Our goal is to make any event completely stress free and affordable!

How did you develop your business idea or concept?

Bluegrass Event Planning has been my dream since my freshman year of college, so developing my business idea took some time. I chose Hospitality Management & Tourism as my major at the University of Kentucky (GO CATS!) and really fell in love with all things hospitality. Once I knew that this was the direction I wanted to go in, I made it a point to work for almost every category of special event vendors. Over the next 5 years, I worked alongside some of the best in the event industry from event planning, floral designing, venue management, catering management, and special event rentals! The cherry on top was my Master’s Degree in Business and then I was off on my own! I was able to pull together everything that I learned along the way to create my dream, Bluegrass Event Planning. 

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

The entrepreneur spirit has always been in my blood. I grew up around some of the most hard-working entrepreneurs that I’ve ever met, one being my grandmother, Mary Sue Brooks. I knew that with a “can-do” attitude and lots of prayers, anything was possible. 

What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

My favorite part about being an entrepreneur is the journey! There are so many highs and lows, and you just have to roll with it! I also love being an advocate for others to become entrepreneurs as well! I strongly believe that if you have a dream, DO IT! 

What is your business’ mission?

My mission with Bluegrass Event Planning has always been to provide professional and affordable event coordinating, event rentals, and floral design services to every client. With that being said, stay tuned Paducah – because there are some BIG things in the works for my business! I promise you’ll love it!

What is it like being an entrepreneur in Paducah?

Paducah is the BEST place for any small business! There is such a strong sense of community and support. You can’t beat that, y’all!

How does your business benefit the economy of our community?

I love saving money for my clients! A lot of times in the event industry, budgeting is thrown out of the window for special events, but it’s so easy for me to achieve event dreams and save money! That way, clients have more money to put toward a house if they are newlyweds or more money to put into their organization if they are a nonprofit.