Entrepreneur Spotlight: Emily Okerson & Emily Margaret Photography

Tell us a little about your business. 

Through my business, Emily Margaret Photography, I get to be a part of documenting love and relationships. I’m so honored to get to photograph couples and their weddings, creating images for my clients to enjoy many years down the road. 

How did you develop your business idea or concept?

I’m a very visual person, and after spending several years photographing families, weddings, children, and high school seniors, I found that I was drawn the most to photographing people together. I knew that I wanted to focus on weddings and documenting love stories. Getting to serve my clients and being entrusted with such special moments of their lives is very rewarding. I spend three years working for many fantastic wedding photographers before I shifted my business’ focus to weddings because it has always been very important to me to serve my clients well.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

For a long time, I didn’t have a goal to become an entrepreneur, because it was always something that seemed very unattainable. However, after I started getting hired for photography work I began meeting other wedding industry entrepreneurs, they really encouraged and inspired me, showing me that I had the ability to achieve that goal.

What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

My favorite part of being an entrepreneur is the freedom that it brings; the freedom of choosing the kind of work I want to do and to create the art that I feel inspired to make. I also love getting to meet so many people along the way, of both clients and other entrepreneurs.

What is your mission with your business?

My mission is to serve my clients well, and provide authentic, honest images of their love stories. To show glimpses of truth and beauty that will become part of their legacies.

What is it like being an entrepreneur in Paducah?

Paducah is a fantastic place to be an entrepreneur. Our creative community has grown so much recently and I love the spirit of community over competition. I’ve made so many great friendships through working with other entrepreneurs here!

How does your business benefit the economy of our community?

Most of my clients live in our community, so having their weddings here in their hometown is important to them. They often ask me for recommendations for other wedding vendors, such as hair and makeup artists, so I refer them to other local entrepreneurs here. Because we have such a supportive entrepreneur community in Paducah, we all benefit from working together!