Chandler Park Apartment Homes is the new community style living apartment complex in Paducah, Kentucky. They strive to ensure a superior living experience by offering exceptional service, upscale amenities, all at a convenient location. We recently got to speak with Krystal Koonce, Property Manager for Chandler Park Apartment Homes about the living facility and her experience in Paducah. Here is what she had to say.

  1. How did Chandler Park Apartment Homes get started?
    Dave Chandler is the founder of Chandler Apartment homes. He got started directly out of college buying properties and renting them out on a small scale. He started by buying a home and renting it out and eventually added another home to rent. It finally snowballed into what it is today. He has a very impressive portfolio. He cares deeply about product, curb appeal, and customer service. He is conjoined with several of his friends from college and he still works with those friends today on certain projects. He built his first Chandler Park Apartment Homes in Bowling Green, Kentucky. After seeing it succeed, he then opened a second location in Owensboro. Both locations were so successful that he began looking for new locations to expand his apartment homes. After visiting Paducah a few times, Dave realized Paducah had nothing like Chandler Park Apartment Homes in the area and felt the Paducah community would enjoy having it. All the buildings are not complete yet but we have several apartments up and running. Our residents seem to very pleased so far and the community is very responsive.
  2. What do you do that sets you apart?
    It’s definitely a factor of several different things. One of them being the overall product of what we have here. We enjoy a luxurious feel with luxurious finishes. Another part would be the amenities on campus. We want to feel like a community within a community. Chandler Park offers more than just an apartment. We also have a 24-hour fitness center, a tanning bed center, a coffee bar, a cyber bar, free wifi, a luxurious pool area with cabanas and fire pits and a BBQ grill. When the pool area is complete it will be a very welcoming, fun place for our tenants to hang out at. We also offer a car care center where you can park and vacuum and wash your car. Another benefit of our apartments is that we are pet-friendly. We are even building a Pet Park for our tenants to walk and play with their animals. We love the all-inclusive feel at Chandler Park. We want to go above and beyond for our tenants. We even stay in the office later hours than most apartment complexes to be available when needed. We are here from 9-6 Monday-Saturday.

  1. How has the community helped your business?
    As we go and network with other people in the area there is an awesome community feel. Everyone loves to help each other out. We find that the local businesses end up sending each other referrals. As I work with different vendors I find that people are more than willing to help out. It’s a system of “you send people our way and we’ll send people yours.” I really love that about Paducah. I’m used to living in huge cities where most people are mostly concerned about themselves. That’s just not the case here. It’s definitely more of a neighborhood feel.

  2. What is your favorite thing to do in the community?
    I love spending time with my family. There are so many kid-friendly places in this area of which are typically very good, entertaining and educational. My daughter is in Girl Scouts and has gotten to do the space program at West Kentucky Technical College. My son is still too young for sports and extracurricular activities but there are definitely a lot of options for when he gets old enough. My boyfriend is always showing me new, fun areas of Paducah. Paducah has an amazing art district. We love going downtown and walking around. I just love the feel and community Paducah offers. Everyone is so friendly.

  3. What advice would you give an entrepreneur considering starting a business in Paducah?
    My best advice for an entrepreneur anywhere is that networking is key. Paducah is set up well to get involved with different groups and organizations. The people that are involved with the organizations are very like-minded, interested in the same goals, and are active in the community. Networking was one of the main things hammered into my head in college and it has definitely proven true in my career.