Business Spotlight: Thesis Books

“A book itself can take you somewhere entirely different. The place you get the book I think should do the same thing,” says Thomas Stewart. 

A bookstore on wheels is revving up and putting a new spin on reading.

Thesis Books, the bookstore on wheels, will go to festivals, farmer’s markets, school and work with charities to promote literacy in the community. 

Thomas Stewart and Grace Yocum partnered to bring their love for literacy to life through their mobile business. Thomas came up with the general concept about five years ago while he had been living his 20’s aimlessly. While traveling, he visited bookstores where he would sit for hours and read.

“For me, a bookstore is a refuge. It’s a place for me to escape. I wanted to bring that feeling back into my life personally, but I also want to share that sense of wonder. We want to reintroduce that magic that comes with books through our business,” says Thomas Stewart. 

To determine the best plan for their business, Thomas and Grace researched what people in the community want to read and what they want to learn to determine the books they will sell. Both Thomas and Grace are artists and plan to do bookbinding, make books, rebind older books, sell prints and t-shirts they design in addition to their book. They are very dedicated to giving each and every customer a unique and personal experience with Thesis Books. 

“We’ve already had an overwhelmingly positive response. I think we’re going to build something that people are going to want to have around. It’s going to start in Paducah, but hopefully, we are going to hit the road and go explore other states.”

The couple is in the process of selecting a bus will soon transform into a bookstore on wheels. They have plans to be at the Paducah Farmer’s Market every Saturday and plan to travel across the U.S. with their unique business on wheels. 

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