Paducah is the new home of a language center with a unique cultural experience. StarBright Languages Center is located on Washington Avenue. It’s a place where children interact with games and others in unique languages and adults alike can participate in language courses. Currently, the language center offers French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Children as young as three years old can attend the language center’s language immersion sessions and language labs. Adults can enroll in interactive language classes to learn a new language or two.

“It’s a very different idea for Paducah. Immersion is something a lot of people do not understand,” says Valerie Hendley, director of StarBright Language Center. “Everyday is different for the children— it’s up to them how they learn.”

The language center opened August 29, 2017 and is offering a new cultural element to the people of Paducah. Each session is child-led, allowing children to play in whichever language and teacher they choose. Each teacher speaks a specific or multiple languages. Valerie speaks five languages and is currently learning Chinese through her language center.

“Languages build bridges,” says Valerie. “We see improvement in the English language from children as they learn other languages. Learning a new language causing children to have to think more about what they are saying and how they are saying it. Children become much more aware of body language, of the face, or emotions.”

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