Strawberry Hill is home to a new veterinary clinic, Progressive Animal Healthcare. Dr. Amy Kerley is originally from Charleston, South Carolina and relocated to Paducah with her husband, a Paducah-native. She previously worked as a relief vet at multiple clinics in Paducah and the surrounding area, but soon decided she was ready to open a clinic of her own. With a clinic of her own, Dr. Amy Kerley is dedicated to caring for small animals with progressive veterinary medical care.

As soon as she chose veterinary medicine as her career path, Dr. Kerley was determined to one day open her own clinic. She is very particular about how she wants a small animal healthcare clinic to operate and being an associate long-term was not ideal for her. Instead, she wanted to be an owner and make her own decisions.

Dr. Kerley is a natural animal lover and her family knew from a young age that veterinary medicine was her calling. Growing up, she had cats, dogs and spent every summer visiting her grandparent’s farm. The family farm had cattle, pigs, sheep, horses and other farm animals that deepened her love for animals. Her family encouraged her to pursue veterinary medicine, but she had other plans in mind.

“I specifically remember a time from my childhood when a kitten fell into a manure pit. I got it out and took it to my grandma’s kitchen. Of course, she screamed for me to get it out of the house, but I washed it and took care of it until it recovered,” says Dr. Amy Kerley.

Dr. Kerley’s family had cattle, pigs, sheep, horses and other farm animals that quickly inspired her to turn her love for animals into a career.

“I actually turned down veterinary medicine for a long time as a field I wanted to pursue a career in. Originally, I planned to go into orthopedic surgery, but I made it midway through my freshman year of college and decided I didn’t want to spend that amount of time in school and decided to pursue engineering instead. It was during my engineering internship the summer after my freshman year of college that I finally listened to my family and decided to go into veterinary medicine. I called my Mom and told her I was going to vet school.”

When asked what makes Progressive Animal Healthcare different from other veterinary clinics in Paducah, Dr. Kerley replied, “As our name suggests, I believe we are progressive! Veterinary medicine changes all the time and we are dedicated to providing modern medical treatment for small animals. We are also very customer service driven and want you to be happy from the time you walk in the door to moment you leave.”

Progressive Animal Healthcare is located in Strawberry Hill at 2630 James Sanders Blvd. Visits are by appointment only and emergency calls are for current patients. Call (270) 558-3070 to book your appointment! For more information visit