Paducah Coffee Company is a product of the American dream. One aspiring entrepreneur, Jessica Strenge, had a dream of working in the specialty coffee industry from a young age. She started Paducah Coffee Company in historic downtown Paducah in 2014. Since her opening, she has sold her artisan coffee to local businesses throughout all of Western, KY.

We recently got to meet up with Jessica to hear more about her business. This is what she had to say.

1. How did Paducah Coffee Company get started?
Owning my own artisan coffee has been a dream of mine from a young age. I was inspired by my aunt and uncle who owned a coffee roasting company right outside of Tampa, FL. When I moved to Kentucky I realized there weren’t any specialty roasters in the area and knew this was my opportunity to take a leap of faith and make my dreams a reality. Now we have Paducah Coffee Company. I do the roasting, my husband created the logo, my daughter does my marketing, and my son gives me inspiration for coffee.

2. What do you do that sets you apart?
We can roast any blend of coffee to meet our customer’s desires. We have our traditional blends that we regularly sell to people but we can also take our customer’s vision and create it. We also roast and sell organic coffee.

3. How has the community helped your business?
Most businesses in Paducah love to help each other out. If it wasn’t for Midtown Market taking a chance on my coffee I may not be where I am now. If it wasn’t for the communities support, Paducah Coffee Company wouldn’t exist.

4. Besides Paducah Coffee Company, what is your favorite business in Paducah?
It’s hard to pick just one. I love all of the local businesses in Paducah. However, my new favorite thing to do in Paducah is bike the Greenway Trail.

5. What advice would you give an entrepreneur considering starting a business in Paducah?
Just get started. Paducah is a wonderful place to start a new business because of the community support.