Falconite Development Group is the largest development company in the Tri State area. Ever growing, they are willing to work with businesses large and small. They work with retail, medical, office space, industrial buildings, warehouse space, residential apartments and restaurants. Recently we got to talk to Dawn Wientjes about her experience at Falconite.

Dawn Wientjes may be a local billboard celebrity to most people but she wears many more hats than that. Dawn is the Principle Broker at Falconite Development Group and is managing 3 million square feet of building space with another 70,000 square feet under construction. She has her hands in every aspect of the real estate game casino heroes askgamblers at Falconite Development.

She’s the Broker at Falconite Development Group and she plays a big role in the commercial and development side of Falconite because she handles the lease negotiations and construction projects. She also lists all of their residential homes for Falcon’s Ridge, Olivet Village and Plantation Village.


1. How did Falconite Development Group get started?

The business was started by Mike Falconite as a heavy equipment rental business. We had large cranes with a big “Falconite” logo on them and everyone thought that “Falconite” was the brand of cranes. Our business rapidly grew so we had to purchase more property to expand. Shortly after, we began putting up strips of buildings and our real estate business took off. We eventually sold the heavy equipment company and put all of our focus on real estate. Since then we have accumulated 3 million square feet of building space.


2. What do you do that sets you apart?

We are more than just a real estate agency we are a development group. Mike’s favorite motto is “If We Don’t Have It, We’ll Build It” and “build it and they will come.” We aren’t afraid to buy property and build on it before a contract is in place. Another cool thing about us is that we will rent to local businesses, whereas some rental agencies won’t.


3. How has the community helped your business?

Local business owners will work harder to keep their business running. They put their heart and soul into it. Also, developing for the locals keeps money circulating in the community. We love working with local businesses.


4. Besides Falconite, what is your favorite business in Paducah?

My favorite business actually changes monthly, every time I work with a new company owner I get to know them so well throughout the process. Sometimes a build out can take 6 months and 100’s of emails/calls/text, therefore they hold a special place in my heart and my desire is to help make their business a success.


5. Is there anything else you would like to tell an entrepreneur starting a business in Paducah?

Paducah is a great place to raise a family and local businesses love to support other local businesses. Paducah is a great place to start a new business.