Business Spotlight: Chiro Worx

Dr. Shane Hoying has been treating the people of Paducah for years with his chiropractic services and now he has relocated his business, Chiro Worx, to a new development located on N. Friendship Rd.

Opened on September 2017, Chiro Worx is owned by Dr. Shane Hoying who offers chiropractic services through his hands-on techniques. Massage therapy service is also available from the in-house masseuse. 

Dr. Hoying is originally from Portland, Indiana and has practiced chiropractic techniques since 2002. 

“I was most influenced by my chiropractor who took care of me growing up. I knew him well and knew he loved his job, so it interested me to follow in his footsteps and go into chiropractic care as well,” says Dr. Shane Hoying. 

An opportunity arose for Dr. Hoying to purchase a chiropractic office in Paducah and he decided to move from Indiana to Kentucky where he has lived for the past eight years. 

“I always wanted to own my own business doing what I love to do.  The great part about my job is every day is different and working with each patient is like a new puzzle as I help each one with different issues.”

Chiro Worx is unique in providing quick service to patients with a wait of usually under five minutes so patients can accurately plan their day around their appointment. Dr. Hoying’s hands-on technique is also unique in how he uses chiropractic care to provide therapeutic relief to patients which makes the relief process fast and efficient. 

Chiro Worx is located at 3326 N. Friendship Rd. Suite C.