Beltline is an electrical contracting company located in Paducah, Ky. Having extensive experience in both electrical and mechanical services, Beltline offers a high-quality service for commercial and industrial clients of Paducah. Their other locations are in Nashville, TN, and Owensboro, KY. Beltline specializes in long-term maintenance agreements, with availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Recently we got to speak with Jason Siener, President, CEO, and owner of Beltline Electric. Here is what he had to say.

1. How did Beltline get started?

Beltline was established in 1957 as an electrical contractor and appliance distributor and repair shop. Over the years the appliance piece was phased out and Beltline slowly grew into the electrical contractor it is today.

2. What do you do that sets you apart?

Our experience sets us apart. We have an expertise that allows us to compete at a different level within the industrial environment. We have a significant amount of experience in the power, commercial, and chemical industry. We also have highly experienced craftsmen and women who enable us to grow the business. Also, within the industrial environment, there is a certain level of safety aptitude that is necessary and it can be difficult to obtain. Additionally, there is also a certain level of quality associated with being able to work with the heavy industrial power generation and chemical environment that isn’t cut out for everyone, but we achieve it.

3. How has the community helped your business?

Paducah is trying to grow, yet it is still small enough that the community leaders, the businessmen, and women, the business community are all pulling for other entrepreneurs and other business people to be successful. People are always willing to offer advice or time in any area of concern or question that a business owner might have. We are a community that supports one another and cheers on other business owners to be successful.

4. What is your favorite thing to do in Paducah?

My favorite activity is to be with my family. If I’m not traveling, I am spending my downtime in Paducah with my family. We love to spend time with each other eating out, playing golf, playing at the farm or simply just being together.  

5. Is there anything else you would like to tell an entrepreneur starting a business in Paducah?

Paducah has a friendly business environment. People are willing to help each other out. Paducah creates the perfect environment for starting up a business. There are a lot of very successful businesses that operate out of Paducah and use Paducah as a home base but often support and provide services throughout the country. Some nationally and some even internationally. Paducah provides an opportunity for a business to flourish and grow as big as they desire.

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