Unplugged Events

April and Bradley Shoulta have traveled around the world and always seek out an activity they both love: putt putt. Now, they are expanding their love of putt putt to be a key element in their new business, Unplugged Events.

“Putt putt is kind of our thing. We have fun and get really competitive when we play. Anytime we travel, we find a course. We played in Australia when we lived there and even found a course in New Zealand!” says April Shoulta.

The Shoulta’s designed Unplugged Events pop-up putt putt to not only be unique to Paducah but unique in comparison to other putt putt courses. The chic design of the course elements incorporate a pop of color and caters to people of all ages. The course is not only modern and trendy, but it is designed with interactive family-fun elements to encourage people to play together.

“There are other putt-putt courses in the area, but all require a drive. Since we have kids, we wanted a course to be closer and more convenient. We also wanted to open a business that involves everyone in our family!” Says April.!” Says April.

As their name suggests, the goal of the unique putt putt course is to encourage people to spend time with one another and unplug.

“Other than us really enjoying putt-putt, we wanted to pursue this career because we want to help build connections between people. It’s something people can do together, connect and unplug.”

Pop-up putt putt by Unplugged Events will open for the first time behind Dry Ground Brewing Company. The Shoulta’s plan to “pop-up” their putt putt course in different locations throughout Paducah at least once per month to encourage the community to explore and see places they may not often visit.

Visit Unplugged Events pop-up putt putt for their opening weekend this Memorial Day weekend. No reservations required. The Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting will be Friday at 4 pm. All are welcome to attend! The course will be opened after the ribbon cutting until 9:30 pm. It will be open Saturday 11 am – 9:30 pm and Sunday 11 am-7:30 p.m.

For more information about Unplugged Events visit https://www.unplugged-events.com